Who are we?

We are an Ed-Tech start-up company transforming the world of education by powering educationalists with the digital tools and resources that help them become future-ready. Our industry-first unified platform lets coaching institutes have their own app to manage all their tasks and reach lakhs of students across the country with our next-level technology.

Modern Digital Platform

As a modern digital distribution platform for educational content and products, our online stores enable coaching institutes to make video content and online assessments available to students.

1 Lakh+ Coaching Institutes

So far, over 1 Lakh coaching institutes across 1,100+ Indian cities have successfully set up their online business through apps built by Classplus.

600+ Experienced Professionals

Our fearless team of 600+ experienced professionals connects a nationwide community of coaching institutes online, leaving the mundane administration tasks to us.

Our investors are global

Our unique technology to empower coaching institutes has been enriched by our investors from five countries.
Their trust in our brand has driven us, and with them on our side, growth is inevitable.

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Saarthi App

Saarthi is Indians #1 Reselling Educational course platform trusted by 1 Million+ Resellers who are earning more than ₹10,000 every month!

Reselling with Saarthi is a way of running your own business with zero investment. As a Reseller, you share Courses listed on the Saarthi app either with your network or on social media and earn a profit with every sale. There is 1 Lakh+ Course on the app through which you can browse. The products are provided by Indians best teachers, who have a tie-up with Saarthi. Reselling with Saarthi is an easy way of working from home and earning huge profits.

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