Top 10 Education Websites All Teachers Should Know


It should go without saying that a well-equipped and educated teacher is often the key to a successful classroom. But what resources should we be looking for to help us do our job better? This blog post will reveal all of the top 10 education websites all teachers should know about and use. Education websites are really helpful to teachers as well as students.

This list includes powerful, free tools that can be used from anywhere at any time and provide information on everything from teaching methods, instructional design, educational technology, best practices in teaching and learning, and more!

If you’re not using these sites to find innovative ways of improving your own practice, you are really missing out! So let’s get started with our list.

1. Edublogs

This is a highly popular blog network available to all educators and students across the globe. As most teachers know, blogging is an effective way of sharing classroom ideas and resources with others who are interested in them. Edublogs’ website allows you to create your own blog within their extensive community and use it to share your ideas and information with other teachers and students. With over 7 million blogs worldwide, there is no excuse not to join in on this community and start blogging today!

2. Education World News

Although it is mainly geared towards the international school market, Education World News has some fantastic insights for all educators. The site features daily news stories, lesson plans, and resources to help teachers improve their practice.

3. Edutopia

Edutopia has a large collection of resources for educators, which include topics such as educational technology and 21st-century skills. The website incorporates multimedia elements which make it very appealing for visually-oriented teachers! With a blog on a wide range of topics, event listings, links to similar websites, and even an online store where you can purchase books and other materials related to education, Edutopia is one of the top 10 education websites for all teachers. Should know about it!

4. TeachHub

TeachHub is a fantastic resource for teachers and educators who want to share their best ideas with the community. It allows teachers to create and publish multimedia content that can be shared with schools, districts, and other users. TeachHub is a unique site that offers the opportunity for teachers to copyright their own work so that it can never be edited or changed in any way! This is just one of the many reasons why TeachHub should firmly be included in your ‘top 10 education websites all teachers should know’ list.

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5. Teachers Pay Teachers

The Education section on Teachers Pay Teachers offers some fantastic resources for educators who are looking for new ideas to incorporate into their lesson plans. The website allows educators to upload their own free lesson plans so that they can be viewed by other teachers who are looking for new ideas.

6. EdWeb2Go

This is one of the top 10 education websites all teachers should know about! EdWeb2Go has quite a few small, specific resources for K-12 students and teachers, which are organized into well-defined sections within a large database. This structured database is ideal for quickly locating materials related to educational technology, teaching methods, best practices in teaching and learning, and more! Participate in online discussions on these topics or share your own stories with others through the blog section!

7. Classroom 2.0

Classroom 2.0 is the best place to find new and inspiring content on the web. The free site features articles, blogs, and resources related to classroom technology, instructional design, education theory, and practice, as well as some general topics such as teaching strategies and best practices in teaching. Classroom 2.0 also has an email newsletter which is a great source of information for teachers who are frequently on the go!

8. Teach Thought

Teach Thought is a blog that you should subscribe to if you are an educator who is interested in educational technology. The website features thought-provoking articles on a wide range of topics, from integrating technology in the classroom to developing apps and creating online learning communities.

9. Edutopia’s Educational Blogs

As you will notice, Edutopia has been listed as one of the top 10 education websites, and all teachers should know about this list because it does offer so many resources for educators. One of their most popular features is the blog section, which offers a wide range of resources for educators to share with others.

10. TeachThought

TeachThought is another great resource that you should subscribe to if you are an educator or student. This social learning community allows teachers to upload their own lesson plans and share them with other users who are looking for new ideas! It also has an active blog section that provides information on the latest technologies, instructional strategies, and best practices in teaching.

The Final Word

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As you can see, there are many great resources available all teachers should know about and use to improve their own practice. These ten resources each offer something unique that will help you become an even better educator in your own classroom!

Do you have a resource that you feel should be added to our top 10 education websites all teachers should know about? Or do you have any questions or comments regarding this article? Feel free to leave them below, and we will be happy to reply! If you have sufficient online courses and are a passionate teacher, you can get your own app for teaching online. You must be wondering how? Don’t worry! Because Classplus can build an individual app for teachers within 60 sec. Connect now to know more!