Tips to Create Online Courses for Free (Tools and Software)


The booming online course market offers aspiring teachers the chance to grow and make money by imparting their skills. The term online course is booming in the market and has become a new educational trend. It specifically refers to a businessperson who works in the education industry. An academic service must be planned and successfully run by creating online courses for free with the best tools.

Website creation is not an easy job. Creating online courses for free needs proper planning. First of all, you have to make your website. Various other things are involved in creating an online website; first of all, the best niche required, content needed, and a continuous update for the course online is mandatory. Anyone with a larger audience, whether through a well-established blog, Youtube channel, or well-respected offline institution, will have a massive advantage over other course developers who appeared out of nowhere.

Various free website builders in the market create the best tool for online courses that are too free. You can share your requirements with them, and they will design your website accordingly. Including the website, there are free app builders who build the best online course for free.

Tips to Create Online Courses for Free (Tools and Software)

There are a few tools described here to create an online course for free.


A scheduling tool is necessary if you also sell online courses. Additionally, Calendly, one of the most well-liked scheduling applications, offers a tempting free plan.

You can make use of the functionality to let students schedule one-on-one meetings with you. Calendly and Google Calendar are integrated tools for creating online courses. Also you can set the priorities so coaching appointments appear on your calendar. To make it simple for students to schedule a meeting with you, you may generate a Calendly link and send it through email or embed the Calendly widget on your website.


There are many communication options with your course participants through Zoom. Manage conferences with video, meetings, and webinars with bells and whistles. Essential services are free to create online courses. Premium, you can utilize the chat function to interact with your students while running a live session, share slides as your virtual backdrop, and administer polls. To establish a distraction-free learning environment, you can also muffle or unmute participants.

As an added benefit, Zoom records your live sessions for you to use as timeless course materials in the future. The free plan for Zoom is quite generous. Using the free plan, you can hold one-on-one sessions without time restrictions, but you cannot hold group meetings that last more than 40 minutes.


Creating, editing, and working together on documents and forms is possible using FormSwift. You can create websites and course materials that can be easily created and modified. As well as you can utilize lesson plan templates that may be modified. You can submit your own papers to be edited with FormSwift’s tools or select from a collection of about 500 document templates and forms.


It enables you to develop, promote, and sell online courses. With a drag-and-drop builder, you can quickly add movies, create quizzes, and arrange all learning materials. To customize the learning experience, set prices, plan classes, and automate content creation. For a seamless brand experience, link your online courses to an existing site or use a theme to establish a course site quickly. Course discussions, automated progress emails, completion tracking, and other features are additional features.


As a creator of online courses, Canva will be one of your most valuable tools. The program should be able to handle nearly all of your design requirements and makes it simple for non-designers to produce high-quality graphics.

You may use Canva to design your course thumbnails and brand logo, for example. You can also use it to create diagrams and flowcharts, certificate templates, and visuals for your presentation slides. Additionally, it provides you with a tonne of workbook and cheatsheet templates that are already produced. It is helpful for developing extra digital materials for your courses online.


Teachable provides a robust learning management system that supports a variety of material forms, including videos, audio files, quizzes, etc. It also offers unlimited video hosting, a well-designed course player, etc. Teachable is one of the best online course platforms. You can use it if you require it to host your course and create your virtual learning environment.

Although there are many different sites for creating courses, Teachable is the one I suggest using if you want a free option. Additionally, you have access to a number of helpful features for promoting and selling online courses. It includes the opportunity to build a website to create an online course, set different prices for your course, take payments, etc.

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The Final Word

There are various tools available to create online courses for free. If teachers are interested in creating and selling their courses online, Classplus is one of the best emerging platforms. Classplus creates the best online app for teachers to run their classes and coaching with a personalized app.