The 9 Best Productivity Hacks For Teachers

It is important for teachers to be multi-taskers. They need to do a lot of research work in order to deliver desired knowledge to students. However, there is a thin line between keeping yourself busy and delivering productive work. With so much to offer, a teacher needs to make some smart choices to be innovative as well as productive. As an educator, you should know about the best productivity hacks for teachers, through which you can effectively improve what you are delivering to your students. Let us know some productivity hacks for teachers  that will help the teachers grow.

productivity hacks for teachers

Here Are Some Of The Best Productivity Hacks For Teachers

Hack 1: Plan ahead 

An important productivity hack for teachers is planning. Having a proper plan makes it easier to conduct classes and deliver knowledge to the students.

  • Start with a plan for the first two weeks.
  • Plan the lessons, material required, and which assignments or activities to be conducted on which day.
  • Set a deadline for the tasks and set aside some time for arranging all the required study materials, printing assignments, and completing your plan and the requirements with it.
  • This will help you to stay organized during your classes. It prevents you from missing out on any important topic or assignments 

Hack 2: Categorize your to-do list 

One of the best productivity hacks for teachers is to categorize your to-do list. There are many ways to classify a list such as:

  • Making sub-lists as urgent and important (top priority), important but not urgent (schedule), urgent but not important (can be delegated), and other subheads.
  • Apart from this other categories can be created such as planning, follow-up, implementation, and others.
  • So, eventually, prioritizing key tasks to make sure that your productivity improves greatly will surely improve your teaching efficiency.

Hack 3: Schedule your day 

The most important productivity hack for teachers is to create a schedule for the entire day and make it a routine for oneself. While planning your schedule for the day, keep in mind to set goals for the day. Set deadlines for yourself, activities that you have to conduct in the day, and classes. Don’t forget to take a break. 

  • Teachers can schedule some of the most important activities or tasks well ahead of their day. Doing so will save you time for other small activities or less meaningful tasks that you can execute later.
  • You can make use of this teaching hack for effective evaluation. Pre-planning can deliver flexibility in your work.

Hack 4: Setting short-term and long-term goals

A productivity hack for teachers to succeed is setting clear goals. You must have heard some teachers saying to set your short-term goals as per your long-term goals. This basically means that you should always create short-term goals that will eventually contribute to the achievement of your long-term goals. 

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So, while setting long-term goals, you can easily figure out your short-term goals. Hence set them in your daily to-do list in order to achieve your long-term goals within the set deadlines. 

Hack 5: Collaboration is helpful 

If you want to try something new, the best teaching hack you can use is to interact with your students to have a better chance in terms of implementing a new learning model to provide more time to your students without losing the basics.

In this way, you can easily bring efficiency, innovation, as well as effectiveness. With small changes, you can make a huge difference in the long run.

Hack 6: Be accountable to yourself  

Being accountable is always helpful in self-improvement. When you take up a task such as finishing a lesson within a week, then focus on it, and if not able to complete the task, hold yourself accountable to analyze where you missed, and what could have been better.

  • Analyzing the areas of improvement will help you to plan better the next time and fulfill your tasks within the time bound.
  • This productivity hack for teachers is really helpful and thus increases the efficiency of teaching. 

Hack 7: Use organizational tools

The simplest productivity hack for teachers is organizational tools for their classrooms. In order to organize it, teachers can use folders, baskets, tags, badges, etc. This can help in disseminating the information properly without any misses.

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Apart from this, it is helpful for teachers to organize and grade exam papers and reward students for their achievements. 

Hack 8: Give jobs to students 

It happens a lot of times that teachers take up more responsibilities than they can handle and thus end up burdened with them. To resolve this, teachers can use teaching hacks with the help of students by disseminating the simple tasks that they can do. Such as distributing papers to students, helping other students with doubts, managing the calendar of class, and many more. This lightens the workload of the teachers along with helping students to develop teamwork, management, etc. 

Hack 9: Borrow from the internet

Today everything is available on the internet and if you work smartly, then your tasks become easier than they seem to be. Apart from the internet, you can tap into resources at your school as well such as your colleagues. 

You can take help by creating the best lesson plans or you can take study materials from online sources. Researching on the internet can help you find some really interesting ideas that you can implement in your class and help your students in increasing their productivity. 

Final Thoughts

These productivity hacks for teachers truly highlight the importance of thinking beyond a natural way to become a little more innovative & flexible to make a big difference from the teaching perspective.

These teaching hacks will help teachers to become more productive and efficient. If you want grow your teaching business, get your own coaching app. Wondering how? Connect with Classplus and talk to our growth experts to know more!

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The 9 Best Productivity Hacks For Teachers FAQs

Q1. What allows teachers to become more productive?

A1. Teachers focus on the growth of their students and always try to find the best ways to help them. The motivation to balance things and deliver students with the best quality knowledge helps teachers become more productive. 

Q2. How can teacher productivity tools help save time?

A2. When teachers use productivity tools it helps them reduce the burden, set time limits for their work and manage it properly, thus resulting in saving time and becoming more efficient. 

Q3. How can teachers be more productive?

A3. Teachers can be more productive by scheduling their days, creating work plans, and sticking to them. 

Q4. Why is being productive important for teachers?

A4. It is important for teachers to be productive in order to help their students with learning to their potential and help in their growth. 

Q5. What is the most challenging task for teachers?

A5. The most challenging task for teachers is to discipline their students and teacher productivity can help in disciplining the students.