How to be a successful online math teacher

Mathematics is one of the most difficult subjects in the school curriculum. It is not easy to be a math teacher nor easy to make it understandable for students. Although there are certain drawbacks to teaching math on a computer, there are numerous benefits, such as using films and animations to demonstrate a topic, learning tips and techniques for tricky equations, and real-life applications of mathematical laws and theorems. Here are some suggestions for math teacher who want to make online math programs more enjoyable and convenient for their students.

Learning objectives

It is very important for a math teacher that, before starting any topic, prepare a clear vision in your mind about that topic. So that there is no problem explaining to the students; also, keep in mind that students get enough time to understand that lesson. Other tips to keep in mind are –

  • Do not rush to finish the course, give at least 2 days to each lesson.
  • Instead of covering all the topics, focus on what is most important.
  • Create a friendly and comfortable atmosphere in the classroom so that the students do not face any problem in adopting this new environment.

The students should have a better understanding of the online platforms and digital tools we will use for teaching. A teacher’s responsibility is that everyone knows how to enter into your Google classroom, mute and unmute, share their screen, submit work, and so on. In the first few weeks, it is necessary that as a math teacher, we should prepare our teaching strategies and set an expectation for classroom and online teaching in upcoming weeks.

Concentrate on practice

Online math teacher job from home is a very tough because math is all about practice. The more students practice, the better the result will be. Therefore, your strategy should be that you teach the students to gradually move from easy to difficult questions. Firstly, students should understand the solved questions, understand its pattern, then concentrate on further questions and find its solution.

Find ways to interact

Teachers must consciously plan for interaction in online formats and develop systems that empower student voices. One technique for strengthening student’s voice is to have students think that they have a partner who doesn’t understand a problem and then create a video describing how to solve it.

Students are pushed to expand their comprehension by the process of making the film, and the teacher can use the movies for formative assessment. In addition, if any students are still having trouble with the problem, their classmates’ movies can be a useful resource.

Begin with basics

As we know that most of the students find math challenging and have trouble understanding its voluminous formulas. Start your online classes with the most basic ideas so students feel confident in their understanding. Sometimes using a fresh method can solve even the toughest questions. Online math teachers can use different strategies to make teaching interesting and easy by using different colored markers to write formulas, derivations, and illustrations on a whiteboard to make it more engaging. Wherever possible, incorporate films and animations. You can create engaging videos for your online courses.

We can use virtual manipulatives to give a students a better experience and clear their math concepts. However, to teach, we use only those tools the students can easily operate and do not overfill technology on students, using as few tools as possible.

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Students should also have the choice to choose learning options; students don’t need to be surrounded by live education all the time. Instead, empower children to learn independently and provide them choices to meet various learning styles and interests. For example, use open-ended math projects, choice boards, pre-recorded math read-aloud with follow-up assignments, and online math games linked to current learning objectives.

Final Note

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