How to grow your Coaching Earnings?


Many who have ever wanted to replace their 9-5 income with a business, find education services which are available on online platforms as the most powerful alternative.

Online education is that enterprise that allows one the most freedom and flexibility while being scalable. Plus, the feeling of being able to impact someone’s life for the better.  Isn’t it the best?

However, starting your online learning service is one game, and scaling it to increase your revenue is an altogether different game. In this article, we will discuss how to apply some fundamentals of digital marketing to increase your coaching earnings.

Secure new sales

Your coaching will earn more, only when it scales, and that happens only when you can get more students. So you must think about how you will generate more sales.

Ask yourself and your team these questions –

  • Do you have a system for generating leads? You can organize events or webinars to do so.
  • Do you have a process for tracking and managing your generated leads? Are all the relevant information like their needs available to you?
  • How do you plan to follow up with and close leads? D you plan to follow up personally or do you prefer your team to do it for you

Invest in technology

Technology in these times particularly if you are into the business of online education is essential to scaling your coaching. Automation, in particular, is an important focal point for every “edupreneur”. It can help you run your online training/coaching business efficiently, and at a lower cost. It will also help you to generate more earnings.

Classplus, for instance, is an application that virtual learning enterprises trust to make their operations efficient. As a teacher, you can focus on your teaching and lesson plans, and the organizational stuff is taken care of by Classplus. Fast-growing online training businesses frequently use Classplus automation to take care of all their organizational work which adds to their efficiency.

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Create and sell modules

Sell your courses and increase your earnings. It can be done by creating self-study modules, which your students can purchase for a fee and use to learn on their own. These can be in the form of video lectures, eBooks, or a combination of both. You can market your test series with your self-learning modules as an add-on at an extra fee to make their online education complete.

The more variety you bring in your study modules, the more opportunity you’ll have to reach a larger student base. The best part is you already have the materials to create these modules with you. It’s in your classwork, your assessments, and all other additional documentation that you have maintained to use in your coaching.

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Strategic partnership

While you may be an expert in your domain, you need to partner with someone who can help you get more leads and expand your outreach.

These can be influencers in your industry that have spent some years building an audience for themselves that you can get hold of. 

For example, if you are a Math tutor, you can give a free demo to the students of an English tutorial. That way, they get to experience your teaching and you get some leads.

Further, you don’t have to shell out money to procure leads or spend much on digital marketing. At the same time, you get some good-quality leads. Since your partner is promoting you, their students already trust you

So how do you find your strategic partners?

  1. Find partners: Identify like-minded people and enterprises you’d like to work with.
  2. Pitch partners: Reach out to them via their blog posts, podcasts, or Youtube channels.
  3. Webinars: Invest some time delivering webinars or guest lectures for your partner’s audience.

Promotional offers

We now know that to grow your coaching earnings, you need to scale yourself. Though apps like Classplus can help you do this with ease, you need to keep the leads that you sourced with much hard work in the loop. One way is to keep your leads engaged with your promotional offers.

Keep them excited and engaged with monthly and annual promotions of your virtual learning program. You can also come out with special offers related to specific events. Keep a track of the exam season. Most parents would go for coaching around that time. 

Further, you can also offer standard and premium plans to suit the affordability of your customers. Premium plans are a great way to increase your coaching earnings with your existing customer base too.

Create educational content

grow your coaching business

Creating content for social media, not only establishes you as an expert in your domain, it helps to get and retain leads too. With time, you can monetize your content with affiliate marketing and Google Ad services. This could serve as a different vertical to generate revenues and grow your online training/coaching earnings.

We have here tried to outline a few of the myriad fundamentals of digital marketing for you to apply and grow your coaching earnings. Every person is unique and so are his offerings. What we can suggest at the end is to be creative and think out of the box to grow your earnings. You can look for other ways to generate income here.