5 Strategies to Increase Your Watch Time on YouTube


Whether you have a YouTube channel or not, you may have heard that according to Youtube Partner Program (YPP), the platform allows you to make an opportunity from ads if you have 4000 watch hours in the previous 12 months and 1000 subscribers. However, they have tight rules and some criteria needed to apply to monetize the channel. It is a challenge for the creators, but it drew more attention to the watch time. 

What is Watch Time on Youtube

According to Youtube, watch time means the total time a viewer invests in watching a video. Therefore, the watch time on YouTube helps you know how long the viewers are watching the videos. In addition, it gives information about the percentage and measurement of actual video watching time from minutes to seconds. 

Watch time also refers to the time spent by the viewers to watch Youtube videos in general and not only just any specific channel. They optimize how a video contributes to a more extended viewing session on the Youtube platform. Longer or shorter videos do not contribute to watch time, but the content does. 

Process of checking your Watch Time on Youtube

There is a specific way of checking the watch time on Youtube. It is a simple process that you can follow to get the information:

  • Create Youtube channel 
  • Sign in to your Youtube channel 
  • On the homepage, check out your Youtube account
  • See the ‘Creator Studio’ on the top right
  • Then in the left menu, click ‘Analytics’ and then click ‘Watch Time.’
  • Look at the top of the report, and you’ll see information for Impressions 
  • Then click through Rate > Views > Average view duration > Watch time.

Strategies to Improve your Watch Time on Youtube

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Think about Quality Content for Your Videos 

First of all you must know how to start a Youtube channel. Youtube is the second of the most visited websites globally, and thousands of videos are uploaded in a minute globally. So the first and foremost thing you need to do if you want to increase the videos’ watch time is that you have to give quality content to your audiences. It will help if you put yourself in the viewers’ shoes while creating every video. The videos should give them the correct information about the subject pleasantly. So create videos which will attract and retain your audiences. You can also sell your courses using YouTube.

Start With a Preview and An Extraordinary Intro

After creating a Youtube channel the first step to hooking your audience is creating an attractive intro for your video. It should be attention-grabbing in a flash. For doing that, it is essential to make the first frame visually compelling. Make sure the first twenty seconds of the video are appealing and exciting. If the audience loses interest in the first phase of the video, they might leave your platform.

You can grab the viewer’s attention by asking questions directly or speaking to them to spark their curiosity. If you can capture your audience in the first few seconds, then they will trust you, and you will get a good watch time.

Research for Keywords and Analytics

Just because you are making a video, you can’t escape the value of keywords. Long keywords according to the subject matter drive more organic traffic to the videos. If you put other tips and valid information, it will increase your watch time. So keep the keywords long, accessible and searchable.

You can also optimize your Youtube video title by using a perfect keyword which is precise and realistic. Youtube analytics is a great way which gives you exact knowledge about macro and micro views of the videos of your channel.

Tell Good Stories

Make sure to provide most of the things you promised in the video thumbnail. Your audience should not be disappointed after watching Youtube. The content should be closely related to how you promise to upload each video. Storytelling works like magic for the viewers who want to be entertained or learn something specific. Express your story beautifully and uniquely to improve your watch time. 

Increase Subscriber Base to Increase Watch Time on YouTube

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Active subscriber means higher watch time. Thus building your Youtube subscribers is extremely important. You can promote your videos on social media which will increase the organic growth of your channel. The level of popularity your channel achieves resembles generating social proof. When people check out your drain and watch the viewer and the subscriber number, they also protect your videos and then might subscribe to your channel. This is an excellent way to increase the watch time. 

To Sum Up

Search engines monitor metrics, user experience, links, texts and other readable contents. While promoting your videos, make them public and request more sharing by your friends and family. You can also connect with Classplus, which gives you your own app where you can upload your videos and educate studnets across the country. Through Classplus, you can share, promote and enhance your creativity.