10 Ways to Market your Course and Increase Sales in 2022


The easy part is creating your online course, the difficult part is how to market your course through proper channels to increase your sales. Yes! Like any other business, you have to promote your online coaching business to boost your enrollment numbers. Want to know how to do that? Without much ado, let’s get started then. 

Social Media

Did you know that more than half of the world is on social media these days. Social Media is the holy grail of digital marketing these days. You have to be on it to market your course. And you have to do it on all major social media platforms. Whether you decide to take professional help or do it yourself to promote your business, the hype around your course on social media will help you reach your target audience easily. You can very easily meet your sales goals if you market your course properly on social media.

Online ads like Google ads and Facebook ads

There is an age-old saying that “money begets money”. 2022 is no exception to this rule. You will have to spend some money on digital ads for digital marketing to increase your sales.  Paid advertisements on Google and Facebook go a long way in creating the buzz around your course. Besides, reaching out to the targeted audience will also give faster results.

Affiliate Marketing for your Online Course

Affiliate marketing is a very effective digital marketing strategy and is getting more popular by the day.  There are third-party affiliate networks like vCommission, DGM India  that help you to get in touch with established affiliates who can market your online course for a commission. You can also reach out to some platforms or publishers and ask them to post reviews of your course for a price. This will create awareness about your course. This way, you can reach out to a large number of customers in a short time. 

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Website to promote your Online Course

You want to market and sell your online course, for that you have to have a good website with optimized pages. An impressive homepage highlighting your skills and some reviews from your existing customers will be a great way to drive traffic to your business. Create all the appropriate pages that would help your customers browse through your website easily. Although with little help you can do it yourself, we would recommend you to seek professional help. Classplus is a great app to help you do so. Visit the website by clicking on the link to read their customer testimonials and see for yourself the difference they make. 

A dedicated Youtube channel

Being the world’s second-favorite search engine, Youtube can help you market your course like no one else. You can record helpful videos and publish them regularly on your channel. You can even publish some videos about your online course, highlighting what it is about and how it can help your target audience. Include links to your website and your course in every video description.

A free mini-course to Promote your Online Course

You can craft a mini-course from your existing modules to let your potential customers know what they have in store for them. You can then provide a payment link at the end of the online course for them to purchase the entire package. Your mini-course would be like a free sample to promote business that is a popular marketing strategy in the physical world.


One of the popular digital marketing strategies of 2022 is to promote your business by hosting live webinars for your target audience. You can share some of your course content on the webinar and can pitch for live enrolments then and there. For those who missed the live presentation,  you can promote your webinar recordings through your social media handles or affiliate partners.

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Publish an ebook

You need to make sure that snippets of your content reach your target customers. Another good strategy to promote business is publishing an ebook. You can very easily craft your ebook yourself with the help of some free and easy-to-use apps. Make sure to add important links like that of your website, your course page, and your social media handles in the book.

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Organize Events

Organize local events and meetups with your target market. Alternatively, you can also keep a track of local events like fairs and promote your business there. You can then post snippets of these events on social media. You can host online events on various platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Zoom, etc. Plan in advance for your events to make them a success.


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Who doesn’t like a good discount? But just offering discounts will not do, you need to strategize your discounts to make your customers feel special. They should feel that they won a good deal. One way would be to align your discount offers with occasions such as Christmas, Dussehra, and the like when people have extra money to spend. You can also float special discounts that would be valid which your customer can redeem within a fixed tenure of time. Further, you can pitch referral discounts for your students. This will help you to retain your existing customer base as well as promote your online course. 

We have to remember that marketing strategies evolve with technology. 2022 is no exception. So, leveraging the power of new technology is the key to successfully promote your business.  Best of luck!