Best Ways To Market Your Coaching App During Lockdown

With the dawn of 2021, India was forced to contend with the second wave of COVID-19. One of the most affected spaces was the teaching sector that faced a grim outlook. Eventually, online teaching started replacing traditional classroom settings to teach students during the lockdown and help students cope with the restrictions imposed by the pandemic. 

Indeed, pre-COVID-19, there was already high growth and adoption in the e-Learning industry, with global Edtech investments totalling $18.66 billion in 2019 and the market for online education getting forecasted to reach $350 Billion by 2025. Since then, there has been a notable surge in demand for online teaching tools, tutoring apps, and video conferencing tools. 

So if you own a coaching app, lockdown seems like a new lease to drive meaningful conversions and achieve the goal of teaching more students with ease. So if you’re looking to grow the reach of your coaching app with good engagements and increase app downloads, look no further. Here are the top five result-driven ways to market your coaching app during the lockdown.

  • Whatsapp marketing 

Whatsapp ensures direct communication with your target audience and, you can swiftly respond to the queries that accommodate to build loyal customers in no time. Today tutors can use Whatsapp/Telegram to circulate free semi-notes with the integration of coaching app links that can drive the audience to the platform to download the complete study material. 

  • Create a demo video 

Videos are easy to consume and the best way to showcase the USP of a coaching app, increase app downloads and grow revenue twofold. So get your creative juices to work and craft demo videos or smaller video snippets as teaser content basis of that teaser to get students to download the app.  

  • Social media marketing 

Social media acts as a powerful and accessible toolkit for creating awareness about a brand. You can host live demo sessions to educate students about your coaching app. According to 90% of marketers, their efforts to invest in social media marketing have helped increase their business exposure.

  • Affiliate marketing 

It is one of the most effective advertising models that get widely where the brand pays others to promote products and services. You can use the same strategy to advertise coaching apps to incentivise users to promote and increase app downloads. You can offer them cash incentives or gift vouchers based on the numbers of downloads brought by. 

  • Run an intriguing contest

Due to lockdown, people are spending most of their time at home. Offering some fascinating and engaging contests will light a spark among the users and create interest within your target audience group. Curate content that will incentivise users to explore the app

  • Influencer outreach

Sometimes, common ways of marketing your app don’t yield positive outcomes. During the lockdown, people are spending more time on the internet. Building good and mutually beneficial relationships with influencers can go a long way in promoting your coaching app. You can also collaborate with influencers on a barter basis to offer them products/services in return instead of cash payment. As per an Influencer Marketing Survey, 89% of marketers affirm that influencer marketing leads to a much higher ROI than other marketing channels.

  • Get your SEO right

SEO is the king, and engagement is the queen. As a large portion of the population gets exposed to digital media due to the lockdown, getting your app to rank at the top of SERPs can get you a lot of organic traffic and free promotion.

In a nutshell, these are tried and tested methods that can garner 100% results if implemented well. Above all, always pay heed to your current users and analyse their insights and user experience. Who knows, you might find a million-dollar story within your existing user base.

We, at Classplus, believe in driving healthy change in the field of education by providing educationalists with advanced tools that can help them become future-ready and achieve their true potential. 

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