Best Ways to Keep Your Online Classes Interactive

Online classes have gained a lot of attention recently. The widespread access to the internet has reached even the remotest regions of the world. It has encouraged students from various fields to get their favourite gadgets in hand, mobile phones, and not play but study. But, converting uninteresting activities into interactive ones will make the unpaid or paid students stay glued.

Let us know the best ways to keep the online classes interactive.

Go Live

  • Students will love to see you teaching in reality rather than hearing your inaudible voice. 
  • Switch on your camera and talk to your listeners directly. 
  • Clear their doubts instantly and spark new insights. They will have a more engaging session. 
  • Real-time integration will assist you in building personal connections with your students.

Get Feedback from Learners

  • Ask your students to give you feedback after every lesson. It will make them feel important, and you will know their expectations from you. 
  • Be more interactive – ask questions and have discussions. 
  • Talk to them about their routine.

Record Your Sessions

  • Turn on your recording button while conducting your online paid live classes for students. Indeed this has multiple advantages.
  • If any student could not attend or has dropped for some network connectivity issues, these recorded classes will help them later. They can watch the video and catch up on the discussion at their ease. 
  • You may also use the recordings to help you improve your teaching method or strategy by listening back to them.

Do Some Chat-Box Interaction

  • This is the best feature of the coaching apps so far. In virtual classes, the chat feature can be a valuable resource for educators.
  • Use it to clarify the lessons among those who are a bit slow or struggling to understand any point. 
  • Keep track of the room’s environment, ask the audience questions, and test their understanding.

Use Microlearning Approach

  • Implementing microlearning principles in your teaching strategy makes your learning productive and increases class engagement
  • Divide the topic into smaller parts and conduct group sessions or gaming activities like quizzes or polls after completing each part. 
  • Carry out some regular online assessments to help students grasp what they have learned in the previous sessions.

Become Innovative on the Whiteboard

  • Use the whiteboard in the best possible way. Like you would write on the blackboard in the class, use the blank screen to explain the topic. 
  • Give students power over the whiteboard, allowing them to write or highlight something. It is a fantastic way to get students to find errors in a text or recognise incomprehensible words and evoke vocabulary.

Try any of these points, and you will surely see some increase in attendance. You have got all the ideas to increase engagement among your paid live classes for students. With your own coaching app built by Classplus, you can have various features to revolutionise children’s learning.

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