Cost friendly home studio setup at any budget!

Interested in delivering quality video content to your students?

Wondering what equipment you need?

You don’t need to spend a lot on high-end camera gear and equipment for your home studio to create top-notch educational content videos.

In this article, you’ll discover how to set up a home studio in your budget.

Pro-tip #1: Choosing the right camera!

Anything from Samsung to Xiaomi phones will yield good enough quality to use for video.

Just find an elevated place to position your phone on a tripod or over books [to give it an elevation] and start filming.

Quick Hacks:

  1. Look at the camera lens while you’re recording.
  2. Hold your camera in landscape orientation, not portrait.
  3. Place the camera slightly above eye level.

Pro-tip #2: Set Up a Professional-looking Background

If you’re teaching curriculum, having a focus on a whiteboard as a background works just fine. Just ensure that there are no other element apart from you, as the instructor and the whiteboard where the teaching magic happens!


Pro-tip #3: Right Quality Audio

If you’re using your smartphone to record video, the microphone should provide good audio as long as you stand close to the phone and film in a quiet room with no background noise or wind.

You can also get a clip collar mic, at a very affordable cost of ~INR 300. Link:

Pro-tip #4: Free Video editing software

Anything ranging from Windows Moviemaker to Filmora to NCH Software to iMovie can be used for free professional video editing. They’re all available to download free of cost- Just google them!

Learn easy video editing here:

Pro-tip #5: Free Graphic design tool

Canva- The world swears by Canva when it comes to graphic design. Free to use with tons of template- it is as easy as using PowerPoint.


As easy as it sounds, you can practically set up your home studio for free and deliver quality content to your audience! Go shine Educator, your students are waiting. #Forthecoaching

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