Education during the third wave of COVID


The pandemic is raising its head in the country again. India has witnessed a rise in its Covid-19 cases in the last week, with a 31% increase in new cases. Whether this is another wave or not, will not be clear for the next 15 days. 


While, across the country, educational institutes have started offline classes, news of some states evaluating lockdown has started cropping up. With this rise, they may have to shut their offline operations again. 


During the last lockdown, coaching businesses across the country were deeply affected. Their operations were completely shut. This created a panic in the minds of business owners to find better alternatives to sustaining and increasing their businesses. While some adopted to shift online, some chose to wait for the lockdown to end. These businesses had just started returning to the physical mode of classes but, then the news of increased cases started coming in. 


In the current situation, teachers can continue running their business successfully but need to prepare for the worst-case scenario. 


Educators need to understand that the COVID situation is unpredictable and can take a turn for the worse any day. Preparing for the worst-case would require teachers to adopt remote classes. While physical classes are comfortable for teachers, online teaching will enable students and teachers to connect from anywhere, anytime enabling them to safely continue learning. This will also help teachers to keep track of their current students and expand their business at the same time. 


Teachers should continue taking online classes even if they have started taking physical classes. COVID has created a fear of social gatherings in the minds of parents. With this, the parents who do not want their children attending physical classes will not miss out. Teachers should also encourage more students to take these classes from home till the situation does not settle.


Given the current situation, the best move for educators across the country is to focus on developing an online presence so that the education of students is not compromised. We hope that the country doesn’t witness another wave and businesses are not affected again.


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