Only 10 weeks to board exams’21, are you ready?

After months of deliberations, the Ministry of Education, on 31st December 2020, announced that the board exams would be taking place in classrooms and not online. This news came as a shock to the students across India as they were expecting the final exams to take place online, just like the entire semester.

With only ten weeks remaining till D-Day, the students are in a state of deep confusion and fear as they do not know what to expect. At this time, the teachers are the only hope for these students who can guide them on how to go about their preparations in the amount of time that is left.

Being a teacher, you must ensure that your students remain focussed on their studies and not worry about the mode of examination. Here are some ways you, a teacher, can help your students prepare for the Board Exams’21:

  • Take multiple mock tests

As the syllabus must have been over by now, it is time for you to begin a mock-test series for your students.Just attending classes is not enough. Assign multiple mock tests along with classes and prepare your students for every question that they may face during the final exams. These tests help students become comfortable with every possible question. Take tests for every chapter, individually and the subject as a whole too.

  • Revision Classes

Time is less and every second is integral. Integrate online classes with your coaching and take multiple revision classes for your students to help them to prepare better. Arrange multiple live classes, interact with students, and provide them with the best revision experience.

  • Chat with Students and solve doubts

With just ten weeks to go for the exams, Stay in touch with your students beyond the classroom. Support them and encourage doubts. Revision classes are bound to raise some doubts in the minds, chat with them from your app and get them equipped for the exams. Many students may require more clarity on topics. In such a situation, they may require extra time for you. Help your students, clear doubts in real-time and solve queries on the chat from your app.

  • Share the best tips and tricks

Share important questions, last-minute prep notes and revision study material with your students and enable online availability for easier access to speed up their revisions.

  • Share feedback with parents

Communicate with parents, share students’ results and ensure a holistic learning experience at home and in-class for the students.


These last ten weeks may be stressful for the students and you must ensure to make it as easy for them as possible. Keep motivating your students and help them prepare smartly for their boards.

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