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5 ways to improve the quality of study notes

In the wake of the pandemic, schools/colleges are in a dilemma concerning live online classes. Teachers are taking classes virtually and, educational institutions are making use of various online teachings platforms to impart quality education to their students. Students, on the other hand, do not have adequate resources and study notes for self-study. Teachers are not able to provide their students with Self Study notes in the online setup. Thus there has been a rise in demand for good quality study notes. 

Online teaching platforms are just a means of imparting learning. Students need self-study notes to recall and retain these learnings. Teachers need to help students by providing them with these notes. The points mentioned below will help teachers in making and improving study notes.

  • Use of Reliable and Credible Source

The prerequisite for any study material is for it to be reliable and credible. There are thousands of online websites proclaiming to be the best, but they are not credible. Teachers should consider credible online educational platforms such as Classplus to create and share these study notes. A good study note should have engaging content and should use real-life examples to facilitate better understanding. 

  • Thoroughly Researched 

One of the most important aspect of high-quality study material is an in-depth research on the subject. Teachers creating study notes should be well- versed with the topic. Teachers should ensure that all the topics have been covered in detail and review the notes multiple times before sharing them with students.

There is a rising demand for well-articulated and researched study notes on various online selling platforms. 

  • Use Visual Elements

Irrelevant content is futile for students. It only confuses the students. Teachers should include graphs, diagrams, and visual elements in the notes as students can understand content better through diagrams, graphs, and images. 

The notes should be to the point.

  • Question and Answer Banks

Teachers should include a question bank with answers, at the end of their notes. That helps students solve any doubts they have.

  • Summaries the topic at the end

It is the most important section as it helps the students encode what he/she studied through notes. Self-study material should have a summary highlighting the main points. The structure of the study notes plays a vital role in improving the quality of the study material. 

Students often browse online to look for study notes. Many online platforms provide self-study notes however, they are mostly of degraded quality. Classplus makes it easier for teachers to share notes with their students. It provides teachers with a platform to communicate with parents, conduct live classes, assess performance, provide high-quality reading material, and automate attendance. 

The study notes should connect well with the students and their needs. It should create interest among students to read, learn, and know more. Online teaching will continue for a long time. Undoubtedly, better notes help to develop meaningful learning experiences and understanding.

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