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Must-have gadgets to start online classes

Online classes have become the norm for students due to COVID-19. While one-on-one tutoring is still a preferred option, online education has currently taken the reins to bridge this gap between the students and teachers.

This article will help you understand how you can take online classes and set up an online coaching business in India.

Conventionally, education is supposed to be a direct interaction between the teachers and their students as it facilitates the direct exchange of knowledge. But this out-dated concept saw its decline in recent times. Unless it is the computer teachers, we all can agree that teachers are not the most tech-savvy professionals of this world; hence they faced some problems accepting the change in the rigid educational structure.

Many teachers could not understand the video call features and some did not even know the basics of a smartphone. But their persistence and attitude undoubtedly helped them overcome these problems.

Given below is the list of some gadgets that the tutors need and must be acquainted with to conduct live classes from their homes. 


 It is the basic utility tool that connects you to the online world. You can choose to purchase and use any standard laptop within your budget range. However, it is recommended to opt for a high specs laptop to conduct online classes without any lag. Here are some of the specs that you should consider in your next laptop:

  • SSD storage: Try to use any SSD storage laptop to teach online as it boots up your laptop faster. The SSD technology also makes your laptop run videos, load pages, and use high performing software with ease. 
  • Screen video quality: Opt for laptops with high screen pixels to help you produce clear and high-quality videos to conduct the live class.
  • Processor: This is the main component of any high-performing laptop. It helps in running all kinds of tasks. Usually, two major companies battle in this field— AMD & Intel. You can check out AMD laptops for a good bargain.
  • Weight: Lightweight laptops are more feasible as they can be easily carried to different places.


Headsets are crucial to conducting live classes as they cancel the surrounding noise. Consider the following before buying a headset.

  • Comfort: Comfort is an important parameter when using headsets while conducting classes online as you will be wearing them regularly for a minimum of 1-2 hours.
  • Inbuilt mic: Buy a headset which has an inbuilt mic in it so that you are audible to your students.
  • Budget: There is no need for you to buy expensive headsets. There are a lot of budgeted headsets available in the market. Choose the one that meets all your requirements and fits your budget. 


  • Whiteboards are an essential addition to your online assets. Industries have now come up with new interactive digital whiteboards where you can use a stylus to write and erase. It is also an excellent alternative to the traditional blackboard, preventing chalk usage, which is harmful to health and the environment


Getting an excellent educational setup is necessary for online teaching. The number of online tutors has increased drastically, which leads to cut-throat competition. Hence, your classes must offer unique services. If you are a tutor looking to develop your online teaching business, then check out Classplus. We empower educators with their own app through which they can take online classes, manage your classes, provide live lectures, sell your courses, and do much more.

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