Become student’s favourite tutor

Every teacher is unique in their way of teaching and conducting classroom activities and teaching sessions. These sessions may not always appeal to all the students as students have different ways of learning.

In the following article, we have listed a few ways for teachers to resonate better with their students.

1. Ways of becoming the best teacher:

Taking the help of your students to understand them better.
Students undergo a lot of transition in their growing years. Teachers and parents are often unable to understand this issue and blame it on the student’s capabilities. In such a situation, teachers should indulge in conversations with the students to know about any existing setbacks they may be facing. Once the teacher knows the issue, he/she can work on it and encourage the student to do better. That will significantly reduce the stress on the student.

2. Teaching the students through real-life examples:

Students understand concepts better when they are taught with examples that they can relate to real-life scenarios. That makes the learning process way more interesting.

3. Clarity of explanation:

Teachers should explain the content in a way that is understood by all students the same. Teachers often skip certain concepts considering to be too easy to spend time on. This practice needs to stop because every student has a different understanding capacity.

4. Trying different teaching techniques:

Teachers must engage in various methods of teaching from different sources. These sources can be books, videos, presentations, music, and many others. An ideal teacher should inculcate innovative teaching techniques according to the level of his/her students.
In the present scenario, when the world is fighting a pandemic, teachers need to learn how to teach online through various online teaching platforms.

5. Neither be a dictator nor too soft:

These are two extreme sides of a teacher’s personality. A teacher must be firm as well as friendly to maintain a balance. In a scenario where a teacher wants to switch to online teaching, it is advisable to know how to teach online using the coaching management apps. That will lead to an efficient and smooth flow for the teachers while teaching online or conducting live sessions.

6. Sharing plan with students:

A good teacher must prepare and share the objectives before starting a class. Students can follow this to-do list for a particular day or a specific time, as mentioned by the teacher. It will help in easy classroom management and help the students focus better and work accordingly.

7. Believe in the students:

If a student is having difficulties with a particular topic, the teachers must consider it and help them. Proper communication makes the students feel confident. Teachers should encourage the students to appear for exams and tests. That will help the teacher gauge the students’ weaknesses and, further help them focus and excel better in the future. Teachers should reach out to platforms like Classplus to take their classes online. The app allows you to communicate with your students through Group Chats and Notification. Teachers who got their app build by Classplus, often use it to share best wishes to students before exams, helping them calm their nerves.


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