Shy students can now be more open with you.

Research has shown that shy students participate less frequently in class, are less likely to volunteer contributions, and give shorter and less elaborate answers to questions. Differences between shy and less shy children extend to their performance on standardized tests. – Dr. W. Ray Crozier.

The colossal difference in the level of class participation, questioning the doubts and expressing their opinion directly impacts the performance of shy students. A few months ago, we were approached by various concerned teachers asking if we could do something to reduce this gap between shy and confident students.

Approaching this problem with an open mind, we went to various educational institutes and spoke to teachers from all domains and what we found was vital to the overall improvement of these students.

  • Every 3rd student out of 10 is an introvert.
  • The fear of the classroom laughing at their doubts is their biggest concern.
  • Their performance always suffers because of their inability to speak up in class

In an effort to help them, we decided to introduce a new feature for your coaching institute’s mobile application: The feedback feature.

With the help of this, every student can now share his experience a particular lecture. They can privately share with you what they did not understand about the class or how they felt really happy with the way you taught something to them 🙂.

The tutors can later see the individual scores and the total average for that lecture. We have ensured that a student can do this only once for a class. We have also ensured that this feedback is only visible to the tutors so that students can do so without any hesitation. Shy students often have incredible minds, but often get lost in the noise inside a classroom. It is our responsibility to instill confidence in such students and enable them to speak to you, frankly and consistently.

Hesitant students never ask for help, but often need it.  Let’s empower technology on your mobile application by giving them the ease to speak. Encourage them to speak to you.


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