List of features updated recently.

Hi Sir and Maam,

We are excited to bring you the set of new features and updates which are live on your mobile application!

Below is the list of features which were released recently :

  1. You can capture topic taught in class in Attendance. Students can share feedback based on that topic’s covered, only visible to you.
  2. Enquiry search is now enabled on source and subjects as well.
  3. Multiple batch announcements: Make an announcement in multiple batches in one go.
  4. Characters count shown when making an announcement to avoid spending more SMS.
  5. You can now update and delete new events created on the timetable.
  6. Notifications are available on new events created on the timetable.
  7. Search in payments tab against Transaction name which can be used to search class and subject wise if the transaction names contain those.
  8. You can also make any payment inactive to deal with payments which won’t be receivable in future in case student drops out of a course.
  9. Mobile Numbers of children are hidden and encrypted when a parent signs up.

In case you have any queries, please call our Customer Care Executive: 9717671844.

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