How to choose the best coaching institute for your child.



In a world where education industry is slowly turning into a business, even the coaching institutes are not left far behind. The quality of teaching is moderate to low and the number of students is so high that it gets practically impossible to focus on every child in the class.

With the advancement in technology, digital education has begun a revolution for teachers, parents, and students. With so many options available, a wrong coaching institute can make or break your child’s career.  Do not let your child suffer!

Below are a few guidelines that Dr. K. Sujatha (child behavior and education expert) has recommended for choosing a good coaching institute.

  • Good teaching quality:

Teaching quality is one of the most important aspects parents should look for while choosing a coaching institute. This is not just crucial for producing good results but it also focuses on making the students understand the subject. So doing some research on the faculty and the methods of teaching would prove to be beneficial in the long run.

  •  Digital Education:

It seems like we have hit a digital revolution in India. From classrooms to coaching institutes all are shifting towards digital methods of teaching. With platforms like Byju’s even other institutes are boarding the same train and coming up with features like online video lectures, progress reports and live attendance feature where parents can keep a complete track of their child’s progress.

  • Class Strength:

It’s no use if your child is not getting individual attention or he is getting intimidated by the other students in the batch. A lot of times if the child is introvert his performance falls back despite his continuous efforts and a good teacher. Choose an institute with a moderate number of students, this will help your child figure out the subjects where he needs to focus more so that he can open up and discuss the same with teachers and you as a parent.

  • Care:

Something that coaching institutes hardly focus on but this can completely change the performance of your child. A caring teacher will immediately build a bond with the child and hence understand him better. Even children like going to a place where they are well taken care of, something that most coaching institutes lack!

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