How can an effective Attendance system help with growth of your Coaching Institute?


Attendance plays an important role in the growth of a coaching center. But what is more important is informing the parents about the same. There are three main reasons for the same –

  1. High attendance – high performance – A Global research on more than 200 coaching institutes has revealed a direct relationship between attendance and performance of a student. On deep diving into the phenomenon, it was revealed that coaching institutes used to send regular attendance updates to parents through coaching management app or through an SMS. This made students to attend the class daily. Attending the class and listening to the teacher led to an increase in performance
  2. Attendance report – Happy parents – Refer to more parents – When coaching institutes share the attendance report on a daily basis, it helps parents in knowing if their kid is attending on a regular basis. This builds a trust of parents on the teachers. These happy parents then refer your institute to other parents too
  3. Students – Sad first and happy during results – Of course, students will not be happy when they are bound with daily attendance. But when they listen to classes and do better in their exams they automatically develop an interest in the respective subject which leads to better results. Psychologically they will start liking the subject, teacher and institute more. Thus referring your coaching institute to more students.

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