5 ways to promote your Coaching Institute

There are more than 20 coaching institutes in every part of a city. Then how should you promote your coaching institute?

  1. Banners with success stories of students and experience of the teacher – Banners are one of the best ways to promote a coaching institute. But how to stand out? Two things – you should always put the success stories of students. For e.g. “Priyanka was scoring 65 in the month of November but scored a 95 in her XIIth” Apart from the success stories of students you should always put the expertise of your teachers. For e.g. “Our teachers – Mr. Prakash Kumar, XIIth Class, Physics, with a vast experience of 10 years, has a track record that 65% of his students score more than 80 in Physics every year”. This helps in developing a confidence for parents and children.
  2. Pamphlets – Banner should also have teacher and student information as above. Other than that pamphlets should always have a QR Code. QR code helps you in tracking the number of students who joined you after seeing a pamphlet. You can check out how –
  3. Facebook Marketing – Facebook helps you in targeting only students/ parents of a particular age group and that too in a particular region. Thus it will help you a lot in getting new students and parents to your institute.
  4. Mobile application – You should always have a mobile app. A mobile app provides a closed environment for you to interact with the parents of the students. So when parents start liking your service of regular updates, they tell about the institute to other parents too. When other parents download the app, you will be able to get in touch with other parents too.
  5. Free course material/study material – When a new parent or student comes to your coaching institute for enquiry they will also be going to other institutes in the region to enquire. So how to stand out? You should always provide them with some free study material or brochure, which they can evaluate after going home. It can be in the form of documents, but this includes a lot of printing cost. So better is to have a mobile application where you can upload the free study material and get the app downloaded when student and parent come to your coaching institute for enquiry. That’s how you can stand out.

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