4 manual tasks for tutors which can be easily done digitally and save time.

blog 4 manual tasks for tutors which can be easily done digitally and save time.

Being a tutor is not just about teaching but also about managing other administrative tasks. These small tasks like assignment distribution, fee collection, course-content management might not be a primary responsibility of a tutor but are definitely important.

If you are a tutor you can try these 4 simple tricks to make your tedious work easy.

1. Maintaining attendance:

Gone are the days when a register and attendance sheet were the only ways to track the attendance. Today you can track them digitally which not only saves money but also reduces a lot of paperwork. This can be done using the mobile applications available online. 

To know more about these software services just google Tutoring App“, “Coaching Apps” or “Online Tutoring Apps“ and you will get to know about the available options in the market. A few of these applications also help you in getting your institutes own mobile application.

2. Course management:

Making notes for students and then making copies for the entire class requires effort and money.Instead of this any easy way could be uploading the content to google drive and providing the access link to all the students. This will save time even at the end of the student.Since they will not have to wait for the availability of printed versions or photocopies.

3. Easy Doubt Clearance and Content availability:

A lot of times, during exams student, might not want to go to the coaching institute for the sole purpose of clearing doubts and rather utilize the travel time for preparation. Under such conditions having an online group of students to discuss the problems, could be of great help. These days there are ways in which you can record and upload the video lectures online for easy access to students who might have missed the class or want to go through the lecture for reference again.

4. Fee Collection:

This might be one of the biggest challenges faced by any tutor in terms of management. Keeping track of installations for every student’s fee can be a hassle especially when there are a lot of students in the class. Maintaining payment records digitally is the most convenient way to do it and it has become so easy that it does not require the person to be tech-savvy.

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